FDOT Project Numbers: FM and FPID Numbers Demystified

The phases of all FDOT projects are tracked with standardized FDOT Project Numbers. Two terms are used interchangeably to identify projects, either the Financial Management Number (FM #) or Financial Project Identification Number (FPID #). Understanding the makeup of the FM and FPID numbers can assist with your project pursuits.

FDOT Consultant Marketing Meetings

Professional consultants represent a significant resource to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) enabling the Department to accomplish their mission of providing a safe transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity, and preserves the quality of Florida’s environment and communities. To further their mission, the FDOT Work Program becomes…

FDOT Work Groups

A comprehensive list of the FDOT Work Groups for engineering consultants pursuing FDOT Professional Services projects. Work Group 2.0 Work Group 3.0 Work Group 4.0 Work Group 5.0 Work Group 6.0 Work Group 7.0 Work Group 8.0 Work Group 9.0 Work Group 10.0 Work Group 11.0 Work Group 13.0 Work Group 14.0 Work Group 15.0…

How to Find FDOT Procurement Projects

Use our free, intuitive and easy-to-use search and filter tools to find Professional Services opportunities with FDOT Procurement.

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How to find FDOT Projects & Consultants

DOT Intel has a great search tool that allows you to quickly and easily search for FDOT projects, consultants and more!

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How to Use The Company Win Matrix

With DOT Intel, you can use the Company Win Matrix to see which companies have been Shortlisted or Selected by District and also by Fiscal Year and Major Work Group. Quick Overview of the Company Win Matrix So in the short clip below, you can see how quick and easy it is to go to…

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Track FDOT Projects on Mobile Devices

DOT Intel gives you a great interface to search, filter, and track FDOT Projects on your mobile device! Here is a quick view of the FDOT Project List view on a mobile device, complete with search and filter capabilities: Simple, clutter-free cards show you the details you need to quickly see the latest results. You…

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How to Use Favorites Filters

Today, we added the ability to filter based on favorites, both in the main project list screen and the calendar view. This should make keeping track of your top priority projects much easier. Here’s how the filter works in both screens… DOT Project List View In the DOT Project List View, clicking the stars in…

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DOT Project Alerts

DOT Intel allows you to get alerts on your favorite DOT Projects. The alerts are simple to use! The first step is to simply mark the DOT projects as favorites. You can do this on either the main DOT Projects List view or on the DOT Project Detail view. Marking DOT Projects as Favorites Here’s…

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