FDOT Company Win Matrix

How to Use The Company Win Matrix

With DOT Intel, you can use the Company Win Matrix to see which companies have been Shortlisted or Selected by District and also by Fiscal Year and Major Work Group.

Quick Overview of the Company Win Matrix

So in the short clip below, you can see how quick and easy it is to go to the Companies page, then by default, you will see the firms which have been selected for Fiscal Year 2020 for all Major Work Groups.

Using the Company Win Matrix

HDR is at the top of the list with four projects awarded across all districts, with one project in District 4 and three projects in Turnpike.

Clicking on the blue “3” in the matrix takes you to the list of projects represented by the number. Clicking on one of them confirms that HDR was in fact selected for the project.

Shortlisted Firms in Specific Major Work Groups

You can also use the Company Win Matrix to find heavily shortlisted firms in specific Major Work Groups.

In the clip below, we show how you can select both Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020, as well as choose Major Work Group 2.0 PD&E and only show firms that have been Shortlisted.

Using the Company Win Matrix for Shortlisted Firms and Major Work Groups

Here you see that Scalar was shortlisted eight times across all districts for PD&E Studies in Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020. Again, clicking on the number “8” takes you to a list of those projects and looking into one of the specific projects confirms that Scalar was Shortlisted and Ranked #3 in the Final Selection.

Company Detail Page

From the Company Win Matrix, you can also click on one of the firm names and view all their project activity, including Letters Submitted, Shortlists and Final Selections.

In the clip below, you can see we click on HDR and on their Company Detail Page, all the Projects on which they have submitted letters show up, along with direct links to the specific Projects and the current Advertised Status of those Projects. You will also find indicators that show whether they were Shortlisted or not, and their ranking from the Final Selection.

Using the Company Detail Page

Clicking on the Advertisement Number will also take you to the Project Detail page for more information.