DOT Projects Available on Mobile with DOT Intel

Track FDOT Projects on Mobile Devices

DOT Intel gives you a great interface to search, filter, and track FDOT Projects on your mobile device!

Here is a quick view of the FDOT Project List view on a mobile device, complete with search and filter capabilities:

Simple, clutter-free cards show you the details you need to quickly see the latest results. You can easily flag your Favorite FDOT Projects and get email alerts or filter your project views as well.

Also, note that the mobile view gives you detailed search and filter capabilities. You can use any of the below options to find the FDOT Projects you are looking for:

  • District (D1-D7, CO, TP)
  • Major Work Group(s)
  • Minor Work Groups(s)
  • Advertisement Status
  • Advertisement Number (Contract Number)
  • FDOT Project Manager
  • Activity Dates
  • Filter by Professional Services or Design-Build

Here’s a view of what the FDOT Project detail view looks like on a mobile device. Note the key pieces of data shown:

  • District
  • Scope
  • Advertisement Number (Contract Number)
  • Selection Procedure
  • Major Work Group(s)
  • Minor Work Group(s)
  • Standard Notes
  • FDOT Project Manager
  • Project Description
  • Key Upcoming Dates

Here, it’s easy to see important details like the FDOT Project Manager, past and upcoming events, as well as the entire project description.

By using DOT Intel on your mobile device, you can now stay connected to FDOT pursuits from anywhere.